Safety First!

Safety is the responsibility of all riders!!!

Helmets— Bonafide rides require a helmet to be worn at all times

Lights — Bonafide rides require properly working and charged lights

Fluids—Hydration is important make sure you're well hydrated before during and after rides.

Saddle bag saddle bags should contain at the least 1 CO2 cartridge, 2 tire leavers, an inflation value and a tube

Arrive earlyrides start promptly at the posted time.  Arrive in enough time to check your bike and prepare for the ride

Headphones headphones are highly discouraged on Bonafide rides

Half wheeling -- Bonafide doesn't tolerate a rider half wheeling other riders (riding where the front tire is directly next to the forward riders rear wheel)

Bonafide Procedures:

Ride leaders are announced before all rides.  Please take note of the ride leaders in case you get separated from the main group.

If you're new to road riding attempt to ride more towards the right.  Listen out for riders calling out obstacles.

Eat a good meal at least half an hour before the ride.

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